Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Foodcure and YOU

Is kinda of blessing omhealth can share the herbs and vege recipes with many overseas stars .
Thank you all for support.

Dont forget good skincare... U need to use serum daily.

Omhealth has 3 serums

1) Antiage Serum (day and night)
2) Magwhite serum ( use evening) so if u antiage , u use this evening and antiage day
3) Rose C serum (super repair serum can use day and night, u can actually interchange with above)

Of course dont forget to use from fridge ur rose hydrosol or lavender water and i say daily.

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Above I intro some soup and dont forget our 20th Anniversary talk at CSC on 1st October 2017.

Yes and this time I was asked to do a introduction of the herbs and vegetables that can be found in Singapore that are good for skin and common ailments.

The recording was this morning . So before the shoot, i did my facial steaming and than follow by my perfectionist moisturiser and the rose water toner. I dont have any foundations at home and they told me i need to do my own make up .... I was like suddenly dont know what to do. So I put a thicker moisturizer follow by premier which a friend gives me and it turns out natural.

Is so important to hydrate ur skin daily with Serums and Moisturiser and Rose or lavender water. It really helps.

Also on the way to the shoot i spray my Glamour DEw Mist gosh... It glows... ahahah

Today I wanna share with u. Is important to go Market and buy something fresh and put in ur fridge once a week. And having a well balance foodcure is better than too many supplements.

I have find and tested the following works wonder.

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this tomatoes fried egg helps a person sleep better and it works.

1) Insomnia and serious sleep no good.
Papaya and Tomatoes
( I find that if that day before 3pm i eat papaya and dinner i make tomatoe egg i sleep better)

2) face hor if look very dull right.
U eat the mulberry seeds and goji seeds together : 8 seeds each and drink warm water.  After u complete a packet in a few weeks time u will see good skin and eye vision improve.
3) Sometimes if u sweat alot and super tired right: U go market right buy the red sugar cane
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Than u slam it and boil water put 5 red dates and some pandan leaves. Ur skin hor radiance and also u wont get giddy so easily.
I think u dont do so much first. This few days u go market or NTUC etc, look for these items

Below this 2 items I eat daily now: I tell u super good. It benefits from eyes to skin.

I tell u all what. U all follow my procedure and drink eat above for 21 days. Sugar cane once a week. See how ur health improve too.

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