Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wonderful Experience

Is 5 years of the Famous Health and Beauty Chinese TV SHOW


I still remember the nervous feelings I was in the show back in 2013.  I must say I am very thankful to be able to share in the show internationally for omhealth techniques.

Guess what in order for me to use my skincare and oil for show (and normally cannot mention but cover up with stickers) it need alot of approval de as I am not the sponsors.

So for 5 years before show, I will put lavendula vera grapefruit on table. Let everyone smell this fresh oil. And hehehe last year the Queen asked what is that and yes .....

This year I have decided to use my new Glamour facial mist, Grandeur facial oil, Porcelain GuaSha plates and also my Heaven Pheonix stone for facial gua sha.
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This is very risky because u have 1 minute to demo the Gua Sha and Talk about it and she will throw me all questions!!

Guess what the artist face immediate slim and radiant after using my facial Oil and Mist combine as I have shown on live video that day.

Also my exercise ball in 5 element exercise class , is recognized and I will be doing one more class on 5 element exercise class.
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