Friday, August 25, 2017

Hi Omhealth is a one man shop. On top of doing blog daily almost, write articles, give workshops. Many things I have document down in product details.

Omhealth products is a niche market on quality and very family like. So many times u need make some effort to read the informations. Like product details is so easy to understand.

Shopping cart on top explain all. (provides all the link )

Email like how to use products, i cant answer as is like need to write essays imagine a day 100 over email. So to be very productive I have done product details clearly and even video here compile.

So make an effort to read.
This month all helpers overseas, so on top of my TV radio and event , i need pack items for u and reply ur orders asap. So I wont able to answer questions that are around in blog.

So below is compiled videos. Super clear or do a search in this blog . Example u want to know rose water, go product detail list above . Than wanna find out more usages go search in blog by typing the key word

I think in Singapore, I am the only one for 20 years keep doing information sharing here and this way.

Bryan Lao Shi Facebook Video Compilation
(just copy and paste the link to browser)

Use rose hydrosol for sensitive skin, tea tree oil for acne and aloe vera gel.
Grandeur facial oil for anti- aging

Facial massage with Grandeur oil

Facial massage with 5 element stone and grandeur facial oil

Facial Qua Sa with grandeur facial oil and Glamour skin repair dew

Neck shoulder pain and headaches stretch 3 oils method

Massage head and neck with bian shi

Essential oil acupressure for period pain, skin freckles, hives, eczema, blood circulations using vitality oil and lavendulan vera

Witch hazel and true brightening moisturiser

Bryan class at Tea House

Morning affirmations
Omhealth skincare series, Glamour dew, witch Hazel, eye care series

Hydrating mask, True brightening mask, coconut oil, rice bran oil and Jojoba oil

Omhealth skincare usages

Acupressure and Kua Sa – for insomnia and tension

Hinoki oil, Vitality oil, Ginger lily and Juniper Berry

Jojoba oil

Aroma and crystals-Lavendula Vera, PAF lime and Peppermint

Meridians balance dance for balancing body energy

Detox oil
Rosemary, lavendula, Eucalyptus, peppermint and BRB

Essential Oils

Immune booster with omhealth essential oil since 1998

Complete part one training and information exchange for Nepal doctor

Incense and oil and cough acupressure DIY simple

Art incense simplify
Lavendula Vera

Aroma and healing wood

Sleep quality

Breathing exercise

Tea making and Kua Sha

Eye care using dragonblood eye gel, Ginseng eye cream and HA serum
omhealth health talk and skin care

Chat health
Mindful happiness includes guided breathing exercises
Foot acupressure
1) flu recovery fast method
2) skin brightening face massage
Crystal Healing
Barley and clear sinus methods
Hand reflex and FAQ on health and oil
Dental care with Pearlie White
Bryan antiaging juice recipes with Dr Oatcare
Healing ball with Auric oil and Introduce Bio Follic scalp tonic

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