Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feel Your Power

You have the  Power

Feel your power. Feel the power of your breath. Feel the power of your sound. Feel the power of your love. Feel the power of your forgiveness. Feel the power of your willingless to change. Feel your power. You are beautiful. You are a divine , magnificent being. You deserve all good, not just some, but all good. Feel your power. Be at peace with it, for you are safe. Welcome this new day with open arms and with love.  ---- a Lady teacher L .L

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I am not a doctor. I do not cure anyone. I think of myself as a stepping stone on a pathway to self discovery to be a better person.
 I create a space where people can learn how incredibly wonderful they are by teaching my students to love themselves and tools(acupressure, herbs, exercise) to improve life.
That's all omhealth do. I remind u all to take charge of your life and remind u to discover our own power and inner wisdom and strengths.

Take care of your health and body. Think of it as a marvelous house u are going to stay in.
Why let work and family stress injured the house. I mean everyone have stress and obstacles in life to face. But if u can give urself 10 mins a day to maintain this house... U can go further...

After years of working with experts, essential oil and aromatherapy and conducting hundreds of workshop and intensive training with many. One important thing u need to know is love yourself.

Lives will get better if u love yourself daily more with proper food and exercise.

We must learn to use our problems and illnesses as opportunities to think about how we can change our lives, we have power  and also share with people what we have gone thru and help more people.

Example 10 years ago i have heel spur on both heels and plantar issues. I cant walk much suddenly. But with proper research and doctors and chinese TCM research . I have recovered . And now in this blog i have a intensive heel pain recovery methods for many and have help many.

Remember when we begin to take conscious charge of our thoughts and words, we will have the tools we can use .

Today I wanna talk about this 3 oil

1) AuraGold Blend 20 includes many expensive oil inside which are very precious. It creates a shield to our aura to be more decisive and also be more firm and not to be affected by others or negative environment [For people who fear this and that like illnesses poverty and misfortune, fear of everyday life]
2) beautiful Love blend, works with innerchild and welcome healing to ur body [unknown worries and non stop not happy and also alot arguments]
3) Spice Up life exotic blend remind ur health is ur wealth.  [ feeling exhausted and tired when think of doing anything, lack of spice, like majiam no mood, sibuay sian]

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Usages of oil

above 4 drops each in 20ml rice bran oil, massage stomach daily.
Above mix in a pail water handbath warm water
Above in tissue put in handbag
Above a drop each in wooden cute cute things and throw in ur desk drawers or wallets

Do support omhealth we are a organisation which we didnt do much marketing of products but thru sincere words of mouth. Thank you all for making my work possible to carry on. 

MoonCake Festival heng Promo  (8 sets)

Antiage Serum + Magwhite Serum+ True Rose Brightening Serum + Rose hydrosol+ Lavendula water
$250 (save $8) and a free healing wood neck ,body kwa sha plate ($38)
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Order 3 above strictly receive the peachwood peanuts

Our Carrier Oil

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