Friday, November 10, 2017

Hair and Scalp

Hi all I have not for longest time write an article on Hair Care

I am still using Brush for hair comb daily. A a dab of rosemary and lavendula vera on the brush. This promote hair health and also helps in calming the mind.
For me twice a week I rub lavendula vera and rosemary oil with cotton to wooden brush , round headed one. And than daily use this comb hair.

Than I use hair tonic on scalp, around 5 spray and massage in.

Benefits of

i)Omhealth Hair Tonic and Use Brush is for the scalp

ii) Hair Serum  Argan ( Many media people like omhealth Hair Serum because is not oily and the scent is designed by lao Shi which doest stay long at hair and cause u whole day feel giddy because it has not fragrance and perfumed. And its ingredients very powerful
Omhealth Hair Serum is  good for  for heat damaged, coloured and dry hair as the nourishing and conditioning properties of the blend helps repair and revitalise the hair leaving it silky, shiny and smooth. It can be used on wet or dry hair to add lustre and shine and eliminate frizz.
This unique formulation is perfect for all hair types as it wont leave an oily residue.

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Hair Care Shopping Cart:

Hair Serum and Hair Tonic Will have a set promotion of $80 on 930am

Omhealth Hair Care for beginners:

A)  Intensive Hair Care
Cedarwood Shampoo $45
Balance Tonic Conditioner $45


Good Hair Care
Herbal Blend Shampoo
Herbal Blend Conditioner

Scalp Care: Bio Follic Hair Tonic  $38
Hair Repair: Argan Hair Serum  $55
Promotion for this set is $80 at shopping cart.

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