Monday, January 22, 2018

A very beautiful Skincare : Part ONE

I have been asked many times. Whats the best way to have better skin?

As we aged ( I am now in mid xxxx) and i can see how skin aged if i neglect few days of caring. Also our bone structure will change and support getting less.

SO (for me i start taking type 2 collagen for joints and also calcium le)

I remember younger time we can sleep late and yet continue our second day routine without much lost of energy.

But now.... Skin will be dull, energy will be low if we dont have enough rest.

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Antiging begins with basic skin care routine first

To have clear skin we need

1) Rest : If sleeping is an issue, have a noon 15mins nap is important and do breathing exercise too.
2) Hydration: This one i find many of us will neglect, when we so busy we totally forget to drink water. Try ensuring urself drinking 9 glass of water a day
3) Herbal Tea : One cup a day
4) Scrub is so important: Omhealth vanilla scrub will exfoliate the dead cells that block our shine.
5) Cleansing : I am always asked when to use Astiquer Milk Cleanser and when to use raffael tea tree cleanser. Well I got both (it takes longer time to use up ok).... Sometimes when i feel my skin very oily i use raffael and morning sometimes i use astiquer.

6) Toner is so important because omhealth has 2 main toner: Rose Hydrosol and Lavender flora water. Both equally good. Alternate them to use from cotton and leave them in fridge.
7) Serums:

Antiage serum : Use day
Magwhite Serum : Use night

True Brigthening rose serum: Use day or night

(no need buy all, try different one if each bottle finished)

8) Moisturiser:
Day Milk Lite Hydrator

Or spf25 subblock. mini size dab over it.

either one for evening
ii) Marine Collagen evening
iii) Synergy cream evening
iv) Launchiung latest cream soon

We will be soon replacing perfectionist with a brand new cream u will love it.


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Independent studies:

I find taking Orchid Stem Cells after a week skin texture really improve. Even though I am not the spokesman, is strongly recommend u all try for a 1 week. U really can see de:>

I tried many brands... le la.... But u all can drink ur own brand. Trick is daily drink for 10 days than in future 1-2 times a week.

Now they have promotion Promocode cny15

So far uncle me and friends find it works:>

( this is a lobang and no advertising segment)

Please take care Joint and back and knee this one very good. Aiya i told u all the clinic have free treatment one time, u all dont listen. Many try le very good and no need sign package. I suggest u go try and they go off can le. Experience ma. No need sign de:>

Although the site put knee, u can go for neck or back pain.
(FREE la)

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Few months ago i introduce many 3 leg brand type 2 collagen supplements and yes is good. but now uncle find one also very good de .
So u can replace with this after u finish ur previous brand.

Many ask me:

Glucosamine or Regenerix Gold?
Glucosamine lubricates, Regenerix Gold repairs!

While it is a well-known fact that Glucosamine helps to lubricate joints due to its viscous nature, it doesn't stimulate any form of actual repair to a joint condition.
Regenerix Gold, on the other hand, contains hydrolyzed collagen type II which is critical for stimulating cartilage-forming chondrocytes (think Lego building blocks for joints). These chondrocytes may help reverse the effects of "wear and tear".

And is blended with tumeric, cat'sclaw, frankincense etc. And i find this effect very good.

They have a promocode Gold35
Like they say, all good things must be shared!! I only promote medication that will truly help and benefit you. Alot of you have tried this and its works.

The powerful
Regenerix Gold™️ is a special formulation that combines the powerful tissue repair ability of Regenerix with a unique fast acting herbal blend.

In our everyday life there's such a thing as 'wear & tear' of your body, this product will help you repair the condition.
You enter promocode GOLD35 and you can get 35% off. Be healthy before Chinese New Year OK!!

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