Thursday, March 15, 2018

Does Acupressure works?

Yes if you perform daily and when u work with essential oil of good qualities it enhances the effects.

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Bryan's 3 oil method are
Lavendula vera (Bulgaria), Peppermint  and Sweet marjoram. U combine this 3 oil on ur palm and mix with a spray of rice bran oil or coconut oil or jojoba oil and apply to the affected area.

Follow by.. U can press the followings acupressure points

1) Liver : related to tendons, ligament and cartilage
2) Spleen: Flesh and muscles
3) Kidney: Bones

Bryan Lao Shi 3 oil and 3 prescribed acupressure for above are

1) Tai cong works on anger and liver too
Image result for tai chong acupuncture point

This point press 2 mins with proper breathing exercise

Follows by

2)Image result for sp4 acupressure point
Almost the arc of foot and press 2mins

3) gently rub this point with palm 50 times and gently press 10 times.  Image result for yong quan acupuncture point


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