Thursday, April 26, 2018

Neckaches and tension and breathing exercise and Meditation

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Just completed a volunteer work at clementi with Han Medical Group for elderly. And I think omhealth Charity Group is doing well.
After a number of volunteer work for past 20 years I find that a lot of problems is really comes from a lost heart or forget the happiness within! So last night while meditation I think I can’t be lazy anymore ! Used to give this class often and now lazy until once every three years ahaha! Is a good class to reset ur energy back ! Nothing to follow sometimes just listen to my niam u will wake up! Life is too stress if u need to do so many things to search for happiness ! U just need some niam;
This class will be very relax to reset your body and mind and nothingness to something to nothing.

5th August 2018
Fees: $25
Email to fees to be paid to secure the seats. If never turn up, no refund

Music affirmation mindfulness Meditation class with Dr P and Bryan lao shi ! Breakthrough in the world!

A class that look into ancient methods of simple breathing exercise and sound therapy to bring back the calmness and happiness that we have ; with research in medical background with dR P ;
Is a break thru Bryan will share the non religious way of hand yoga ( demo in tv show and learnt now by Taiwan artiste) and accu points ;
Limited seats of 80 pax! Date time to be announce ! Who interested ? $25
Leave comments here and register will get a $10 Han Medical voucher !

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Because of stress:


One of the most popular area of problems in our body when u are affected by stress can be felt is the neck and normally from the base of the skull to the top of your shoulders, your neck can become a center of pain and tension as stress and worries build.
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U will be surprise if u can practice simple breathing exercise with aromatherapy oil to release this neck shoulder tension issues.

For past 20 years we share about omhealth 3 oil methods. So today I add another 2 more for more serious neck problems

(Do refer the blog right side Bryan 3 Oil MEthods)

  1. Lavendula vera – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and is an excellent stress reliever.
  2. Peppermint – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. It’s especially great if your neck pain is turning into a headache.
  3. Marjoram – will reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation (dilate blood vessels), and promote relaxation. 
  4. Cypress – will decrease edema, increase lymphatic flow, and reduce muscle spasm.
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My 2 Oil combo

Peppermint/lavender is a good combo if you’re really stressed and your neck muscles are in a constant state of tension.
awakening blend /lavendula work well together if the muscles actually spasm when you move and you have a lot of heat, redness, &/or a “squishy” feeling from severe inflammation.
Peppermint/cypress together will benefit you if you have a lot of constant neck tension/pain, have lots of headaches associated with the neck pain, or have been ill lately.
Lavender/marjoram work well together if most of your muscle tension or pain is due to stress.
My 3 Oil: Lavendula vera, peppermint and Marjoram.


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