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Omhealth Lavender Water Organic

NEWS: Try Rose Geranium blend with Bryan Relax blend and rice bran oil. It becomes very good

Lavender water was launched back in 2001, and many has been using it for more than 10 years.

Till today omhealth provide fresh good organic lavender water.

Shall not explain about the quality more.

Let me tell u here why this lavender water is so nice:

The only place we have Organic Lavender water because each batch is by Fedex and we never keep stock. So the day u receive is fresh and u can keep for 8 months in fridge. This water cant be commercial off the shelf because the shelf life too short
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Omhealth Organic Lavender water is the key to good skin in humid weather.

Omhealth Lavender water can prevent breakouts, clear up any little pimples you have on your skin or full blown acne.
It balance out your skin type and it smells great too!

It helps to balance our skin pH, 

On top of that it has
anti inflammation and prevents acne
Anti-ageing because it cool the skin which also rich in antioxidant
Improves circulation in your skin
Helps the pores to be clean in a gentle way
Evens the skin tone
I find that it increase blood flow and ensuring that skin cells receive adequate nutrition and oxygen.

Omhealth Lavender Oil since 1998
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When newbies says" Is ur oil fresh or good grade, without hestiation I ask them to try my lavendula vera and is from Bulgaria Highlands and this grade cost alot in market. Plus is fresh."

20 years le my trademark starts off with Lavendula vera.

Acne remedy:

I will put lavender oil on cotton bud dab onto the acne blemishes or skin infections.
twice a day for 3 days. And also combine with double blue flower aloe gel second day.
The science: Lavender oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. So, it simultaneously attacks acne-causing bacteria, while reducing swelling and redness.

Burn by fire or oil , when rushing to see doctor, quickly apply neat lavender oil

How to: Pour a few drops of lavender oil onto cotton and apply to burns for healing sans scars.
The science: Lavender oil’s burn-healing superpowers are responsible for the very birth of modern aromatherapy. In 1928 a French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé, burned his hand. He accidentally applied lavender oil to it and noticed the burn healed much faster than expected. David then discovered that lavender stimulates new skin cell formation. This reduces scarring and helps burns heal quicker. It also works as a pain reliever, while the antiseptic action helps reduce infection
Testimonial: A lady from Jolly bean suffer from second degree burn and using omhealth lavender oil now skin almost zero scar le.

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