Monday, September 17, 2018

Best Night of Sleep

Sleep Quality is very important. But really , when we aged, the sleep hours will be reduced. Or sometimes sleep quality may not be so good compare to our younger time.

MOst sleep issues with Singaporeans are stored stress and tension and body internal heatiness.

So I always says 3 times a week drink 6 chrysanthemum with 3 Mai Dong (put two items in a mug boiling water , steep for 15mins). Drink when warm 1 hour before sleep.

Regulates Yin and Yang in body and internal heat reduction
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Quality Sleep Oil is blended with my special ration of oil to first tackle your liver Qi with the orange base and follow by other oil.  ($45)

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How to use sleep oil?

So half hour before u sleep, 4-5 drops oil in tissue put beside bed or pillow. As this oil orange color is from orange sweet skin (special grade of orange for sleep) it may stain cloth.  Once u put , u can go do your house work. And when back to room the smell will calm urself down.

Is not a sleeping pills, but slowly, it helps to improve or heal ur body .

Sleep issues dont worry too much and of course if is very serious see doctor for a full body check up (but normally nothing one la).

Sleep oil can be put in a pail of warm water for handbath 5 mins. Calm the mind and activate the sleep time energy.

This Blend emotionally grounding and promotes the feelings of safety and tranquility. 

My other ways of usage:

massage Oil: 6 drops in 12ml of rice bran oil. Blend well in a bottle. Than massage this blend on chest and stomach before sleep. Or your feet, temples, and wrists.

A wonderful sleep aid because of  Special Bryan Blend. It helps relieve stress and promote relaxation. Place a few drops of oil into tissue and swing the tissue around u. Than put tissue by bedside. Now do 6 time 478 breathing exercise before laying down to sleep. 

Stress at Work: Few drops in tissue throw inside ur bag:>

Art Therapy Sleep Bracelet (is to wear loose not just fit)

The bracelet helps calm the mind and normally I now wear this before sleep. U can rub a drop sleep oil to it. When wake up middle night hold the bracelet to sleep.DEtails in

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Energy Healing Class Full House ( The class was full house yesterday and I am very thankful) Thank you all for coming and your support.

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