Monday, January 21, 2019

2019 Take care of health

In 2019 i always ask how do we improve or have better health.

To better health
1) Qi Improvement in body
2) Have the merits of good deeds so ur body energy can have the help from Universal Ki
3) write down ur issues and write down what u need to improve , as a person write something on a note book the energy is translate out from the body.
4) Water: This year ensure u drink 8 glasses of water。 This is my new year must do.As when we busy we drink too little water le

I find to have good health we need first take care of our health and also do good deeds and act to accumulate a good energy to let Universe energy align with our body energy system to heal ourselves when needed.

U see our finger nails can grow when cut. Hair can grown when cut. If u and me our Qi in body is not block, the Qi will heal the five organs when needed.

Why nowadays people need to spend alot money on healthcare compare to people last time is because the capability of the body to heal itself become lesser.

2019 Chinese Word for Good health

I am trained last time working with art therapy and chinese words for energy adn good health.

See the source image
Today the chinese word to learn for health is 心念化病or problems

化 is the  2019 word to listen to.

How to activate the energy of 化 in ur life?

Things to Do to handle current health or improve health and luck.

1) A new small note book , state down ur current health conditions and also what u want to achieve in life and remove in life
2) Write the work Hua as shown above on illness problems

 example :希望我的睡眠问题能化掉

3) Dedicate to do any good deeds, good deeds can donate medicine or help the poor or once a week talk nice and help people in words or whatsapp or give people good advises. (start small)

4) Daily morning dedicate your self to press Lao Gong and YongQuan  1 min in day and 1 min in evening. Or use my wooded ball daily for 3 mins, wood use any of the oil .

 No photo description available.

This is to create and accumulate Qi in body.If not at least do 478 breathing exercise 5 times day and 5 time evening.

5) Use ur right hand right the word Hua on ur illness and think positive.


The heaven and earth oil is very good for this ball now.

next month launching the stemcell face serum stay tune.

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