Monday, June 3, 2019

Health and Beauty and Breakthrough

When i talk about health and beauty. I can just talk whole day on and on.....
But before I continue today's blog a recipe

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In a 20ml rice bran oil blend above. U can use to massage body and feel happy. Or u can put the drops in a bowl of boiling water let the steam hydrate the room. When water cool , rinse ur body.

But my dream since young was to share. Can u imagine for 22 years i am still researching on neck pain, back pain and immunity and antiaging methods. Still going on:>

I remember once my professor told me. The importance of focus and continuing learning in healthcare can benefits alot of people and u can do better than doctors sometimes as u meet different people and learn and share.

I feel my task in Singapore whether is recognize by professional. I learn, research tested and filter and share with my students. Make an effort to come for my 7th July event. Learn the necessary and no time for fake news and techniques. Forgive me, those facebook sharing on Ginger cure all pain and cancer can be cure by lemons... Makes me feel gosh whats happening. People are reading fake news?


This is my season 7 in the Taiwan Show Lady First SG. And that day Egypt Geranium helps me. Before the recording. I put few drops in the fan and blow around the studio and during breaktime. All the friends crowd around me to ask what it is.

Yes is Egypt Geranium. I always feel that being in aromatherapy for 22 years, if u love ur work, if u need help from the plant kingdom , they will in a way help u .

Plants are the life force from Universe. And long before Singapore any MLM aromatherapy. I started off with essential oil business and that time Singapore have few good brands I work with which i am the only one locally surviving. I believe the Good Qi in oil and respect the plant kingdoms and give back to the world too.

Oh , we just done a donation of medicine with omhealth charity group to the Sri Lanka medicine (just a short statement to tell students helping with it, even though charity should low profile, we make it super low)
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 This year  I think up there must be watching me and I got to share flower therapy, and crystals and essential oil

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For newbies u may read more about omhealth from


I am truly thankful for those who still read blog. Guo Shi but i will continue to maintain this blog. Is a good memory for many of my readers who are with me for past 15 years and sometimes look back, when u were younger which articles were u refering?


7th July 2019 is a wonderful event i have decided to reignite my passion of Health and beauty talk since I started a decade ago.

This time I have invited people who will help us to age gracefully

1) Physician Pan  -- Sleep and Eye issues
2) Physician Xue  -- Bone and sharing of physio
3) Myself-- Antiage methods and self care.

Venue: CSC club 60 Tesseonsohn road
Date: 7th July 2019
Time: 930am to 1130am

Do email: with mobile. I hope u all support Singaporeans. With so many health talk that flooded in from overseas, the local need ur support and we are alot better because we dont touch and go on topics , but we share with passsion.  The fees for this talk is made as a celebration for our 22 years  Do make an effort.

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