Friday, August 30, 2019

Melissa Leaf Oil

When I talk about this oil but is so useful in certain stage of our life.

the first thing in my mind is wow is not a cheap oil.
(Avoid this oil during pregnancy)

This is a comforting sedative oil which is recommended for all stages of anxiety. It is particularly useful for the recent or any new events that disturbed our inner piece and creates a "padding" between outside world and ourself.

The key word with Melissa Leaf oil is
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antidepressant --- thats what many need

Now with a closer look it works well in heart and circulations. It benefits people with heart palpitations and tonic for the heart.

In a way if use in dilution with carrier oil. It relieve indigestion ,nausea and stomach cramps. And which stimulate liver and gall bladder.

When u experiment shocked or cough or panic attack. A drop in tissue and inhale from it.

 Emotional and Wellness Healing

This oil banishes negativity, depression and fills one with hope and jpy. Is an excellent oil to heal and reduce the time of panic attack.
It has help to alleviate anxiety, anger, aggression and irritability in those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How to USE?

I love to put two drops in tissue fold it and carry and inhale when stress. Once i left the tissue in pocket and didnt know the scent lasted two day. Is very pure clinical grade.

 My favourite blend

3 drops peppermint, 3 drops bergamot and 3 drops melissa leaf in 10ml carrier oil. And keep in  cool place, finish it within 1 week , massage chest to feel good.

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