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Handling Depression and Daily Life

 Depression and Unhappiness Remedies PArt One

 Quotes about Happiness Is A Choice (73 quotes)

Everyone will have a segment of their life that alot of things happen and carrying alot burdens that result in depression. But once u are aware get it rectified. And talk to people and doctors if needed. But dont be a nuisance and " Hai hai cHan" U will create irritation to people around u. Just say out a few times to friend can le and get it rectified.

 Sign of depression:

  • Get angry easily
  • listless
  • Sometimes happy and most of time unhappy
  • Energy level not constant, is up and down.
  • Worries alot
  • Keep waking up middle of night and cant get back to sleep
  • Worry for things that have not happen
  • Sometimes abit panic
  • Things u love to eat seems cant make u happy again

the list goes on....

However if u are aware u are having some kind of depression. Congratulations. U are on the track of recovering. And u will definitely do something about it.

NB: Personal advise; when a person has depression , normally u are doing alot of things for family or people and neglect ur inner child. Once u find the method, u will find that depression allows u to learn things and when u sort of recover u can use the experience and help others to walk out of depression.

 Also alot of depression is cause by bad circulations and depression.

Life is short why depress so long. Depress a few hours can le. U think la, if there is a war and no food and need to run for life, will u have time to depress? So why not do daily gratitude and than work on ur depression.


How Omhealth suggest 5 ways to handle depression and low energy


1) Aromatherapy and Incense therapy

Aromatherapy is the use of organic compounds to improve your mood, mental state, or health. Those organic compounds are called essential oils. They’re made from various plant parts, such as roots, seeds, leaves, and blossoms. And mother earth loving energy and good vibrations. Get oil from pure fresh source and u will feel the benefits.

If you have depression, don’t rely on aromatherapy alone to treat it. Instead, consider adding aromatherapy to your larger treatment plan. Using aromatherapy alongside other treatments may help boost your mood and relieve stress.


Personally suggest: Grapefruit Pink, Egypt Geranium and rosemary

2) Go accupuncture or Foot reflexology

Do u know accupuncture is the best  way to flow the body meridians. Alot of depression is cause by Qi definciency and  Acupuncture is one alternative option to treat depression by balancing energy and bodily imbalances. This healing for the body has a positive effect on the mind

Using medication-based treatment in a residential treatment center in combination with holistic treatments like acupuncture can help many to gain joy back to life.


If u have unhappiness or depression:

Bring a bottle of rosemary oil to TCM and put a drop at tissue inhale before accu And if u can wear a healing crystals.


3) Crystals for depression

I must say Healing ray Violet and Black tourmaline 

Image may contain: plant

 Sugilite is balancing on many levels, and alleviates depression and sadness. It is both physically and emotionally healing, and enables us to recognise the connection between physical illness and its emotional/mental root. Sugilite balances, opens and aligns the chakra system, and channels healing energy throughout the body, reorganising and calming as it goes – making disparate energy less jarring and ensuring the energy flow is smooth and evenly distributed. Sugilite calms the mind and eliminates “monkey mind” (mind chatter), so is useful for achieving a deeper state of meditation. There is a strong Heart connection with this mineral.

 Other crystals are

black tourmaline and rose quartz.

How do u work with crystal to handle depression


Hold it with receiving hand and put near ur chest and do 555 breathing exercise,

Inhale 5 counts, hold ur breath 5 counts, exhale 5 counts and hold ur breath 5 counts.

Than next inhalation visualise u breathing in Golden light.


Music to help in depression

I always find Hindu Music 5 mins a day or chinese GuZhen music helps in handling depression


Here are two youtube i wannt share.



And Guzhen : 高山流水

Light abit high mountain incense and close ur eyes 


Breathing in and out gently and totally observe ur breath. And set timer 5 mins. During this breathing exercise smile to ur 5 organs


In ur heart says

I smile to my heart: I smile to my liver; I smile to my lungs; i smile to my kidney : I smile to my spleens.




B complex and C (morning)

and probiotics helps (after food)


















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