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Sleep Solutions

I notice many students once they reached 35 and above. Sleep quality becomes a problem.

Talking about sleep is like hundreds of articles in internet which i dont wish to go there.

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A series of oil that helps in sleep issues

 Bryanwellness Sleep Solutions:

Being in the field of aromatherapy and natural therapy for 20 over years. I have concluded the oil that seems to works for many of my clients: And many just try the sleep blend when wake up in middle of night and works.

1) Lavendula vera (must be clinical grade)

2) Grapefrui Pink

3) Cedarwood

4) Clary Sage

5) Egypt geranium

6) Melissa


Quality Sleep Blend

 ROse Balm

Sleep can be cause by 

 1) Mental stress

2) Food we eat and digestive issues

3) Transition in our life.

 4) Particular organs that need attention.

( I will be doing a facebook class soon do staytune my facebook)

Mental stress: When there are change of environment, job and relationship issues. Someone if family sick and constant worris etc...

This u can try many medication but seems nothing works (but again is good to seek medical help).

In my studies, i find that, talking to someone or keeping a journal and with aromatherapy it helps.

I find that performing a yoga of call seated forward bend is good with inhalation of lavendula and grapefruit Pink from tissue

How to Do Easy Pose with Forward Fold –

Food We Eat:

Just a short one for u. Digestive system affect our sleep totally when u are above 32 according to my statistical studies.

Poor digestion and bloated stomach can cause sleep issues. I suggest see a western doctor to balance the stomach acid and diligenetly eat the western medicine than see a TCM to balance.

Daily eat earlier and warm honey is important.

I suggest before sleep work with peppemint oil and marjoram and lavender with rice bran oil massage stomach or my MCT easabsorb coconut oil.

DO u know massage stomach daily before sleep helps.

Yoga Poses for Stomach Pain | 7 gentle poses to treat stomach pain |

(I will elaborate more in my lesson)


Transition in Our life

Gosh this is very taxing. May be someone u love have issues or sickness that worries u.

All i can say read positive books. Do 21 Om moring (Non religious Ok) or A U M sound. Can help.

Oil for transition is Egypt Geranium, and Grapefruit and rosemary

Inhale this oil from tissue and do Sun Salutation .



 Wake up middle night


1-3 am : Liver can be tired or heaty: Can be u feeling angry alot in day time.  Aiya go dr pan accu.

3am to 5am: Lungs heatiness  . Heaty food and talk alot and feel sad .

 Is a general guideline: In my youtube i have teach u all the exercise but i will elaborate in my facebook live lessons coming up. Do follow by bryan gan facebook.

I suggest a tea of Ju Hua is good for evening 3 times a week. (5 flowers of Ju Hua and 3 rose )

Also abo


Authentic Scent so far works wonder:

1)Quality Blend itself

2) Clary Sage and Lavender 

3) Cedarwood and lavender


everyone individual is different and create ur own sleep blend. But when u wake up middle night use rose balm and apply chest

An exercise for all

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