Friday, May 28, 2021

Raise your energy by ....

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is been sometime to update this blog as i spend alot of time to do facebook live and uploaded in youtube on how to improve ur energy. SO follow my facebook ok.

I never stop working:> 

During this period of time there are 6 ways to raise ur energy and luck level.


1) Mini smile at times when things not in ur way.  I am serious. U check ur face now. Is it in a fierce mood. And if u can mini smile abit. FOrce urself abit and than it will be natural. Not 24x7 but a mini smile when face with situations attract a  喜神 this  coming years. ANd this star is very weird. U need to smile abit to attract it. Remember my coin Flower of Life coin. Hold it and smile.

Mini Smile Stickers | School Stickers for Teachers

 Flower of life coin:  is a must have.

2) Yellow raisins: The star of alignment and bring in Divine Energy of peace and healing. I feel that this raisins helps.

1) Inspirations

2) Bring Hope

3) Helps in body healing

U can eat a few or make a tea with rose bud

Golden Raisins - Harvest to Table

 3) Use ur essential OIl now. I suggest the blend of 

Egypt Geranium, Rosemary Spanish and PAF Lime or grapefruit pink

Is call the power of 3 scent where flora, herb and fruit skin combine there energy and inspire a profound healing to our body system

Two pump of rice bran oil on palm and above 1-2 drops each on the rice bran oil mix and massage neck body legs and hands. Or diffuse in tissue etc.

4) Music to raise ur vibrations.

Believe or not ur mind need to rest and sometimes not just body as advised by my Reiki Master friend Justin,

5) Allow people to help you. And sometimes accept help from friends:<> from advises. Open your ears and listen. Dont be stubborn

6) Read a good book. If ur luck is stagnant , u need to buy a good book from book shop and read. This is the oldest energy improving method. AS flipping the book and holding a book activate ur 5 elements. Not from ipad or computer. Feel the energy.

7) Write down daily what u are grateful for. Well this is not stupid. U will see how good things will turn out soon.

8 ) Do this youtube exercise.

(U all need copy and paste the linnk)

Other youtube link:

 Immune Gua Sha for health:

How to Get Back Your energy :

Immune Booster Acupressure:

Qi Gong for Good Health Part One :

For all old students: U see , if u dont read dont, study dont follow facebook, i cant do much. All above link are facebook link and i need convert to video and to youtube. THE PROMO mention are all over please dont request promo;>


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