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Art of Aromatherapy

I still remember aromatherapy was a very very new topic in Singapore back in 1997 when I first came back to Singapore from Australia.


The very first 2 oil I introduced to many are omhealth Lavendula Vera and Tea Tree Oil. And as a aromatherapist I have blended the first 2 blend in Singapore

i) 5 Element Oil

Cleansing , Healing, DEtox

ii) Bryan Relax Blend 

Tonic, Healing, Remove Dampness

And from there a list of essential Oil produced by

Being a local brand is not easy. With people ever changing appetite and how to make it stand out amongthe crowd.

There are few local brand essential OIl or represent the main agent in SIngapore before any MLM in Singapore.

i) Sunspirit Oil  (no more le, at Tiong Bahru Plaza Outside foodcourt) 2004

iiI Coral Moon ( Base in Ngee An City I was the aromatherpist there) close down 2007

iii) Oil COmpany at Clark Quake


Essential Oil – Omhealth

Local Oil company: Fresh Oil , ensure high quality as we dont have big financial Back up. To maintain the reputation we need to personally verify and validate the oil. Every bottle of oil we need to ensure freshness and quality and all informations we need to use personally and share.

Didnt survive much now except some still selling but very western concept. The way I sell oil is still very 60s 70s way of business. Niche market by words of mouth. One day if u stop support the company will just disappear because of the Fedex and overseas cost. 

My parents has been advising me to rest and retire and all oil is not easy . SO when some very old customer keep asking me discount for every bottle of oil. I was hmmmm. 

Imagine a bottle of Healing Trees Oil launched in 2012. Is packed with expensive wood extract.

May be an image of text that says "health body mind spirit The Healing Trees 12ml"

Why Healing Trees Oil was launched>

A branded brand launch a wood oil and it cost $160 for 10ml. But not many people can afford. So in order to benefit more people I created Healing Trees Oil with all the expensive wood inside with no dilution of chemical at $45

For grounding and healing.

 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oil company since 1998. I have decided that time to incorporate TCM and Western Natural Healing method in oil usages and conducted numerous classes.

Few words to many seller of oil Newbies: DOnt over promise the properties of oil to customer. Give good intention to the oil u sell and bless the oil with love and light as the oil will vibrates at purest energy to help people.

Till today i am still learning how to use basic oil


Carrier Oil: 

I always say , u can use oil in tissue to inhale but not all oil. Oil like Verbena if u inhale too long u will get giddiness. U need dilute with Carrier oil to massage on body for aches stress and pain. For example beside my bed is always a bottle of carrier oil. And before I sleep, I will pump some carrier oil on my palm and a few drop Egypt Geranium for healing sleep quality. It cant cure sleep immediately but at least it heal.

May be an image of cosmetics and text that says "BRYANWELLNESS.COM BRYANWELLNESS CARRIER OIL 9m FoceBranOr Easabsor Coconut MN ojoba Eas Rice bran oil launched 2002 Fractional coconut oil 2006 Jojoba oil 2010 Carrier oils and essential oils are made from plants. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and "carry" them to your skin. That is because essential oils are potent and can cause irritation when applied directly to your skin."

How do I really use my essential Oil?

Personally, I use oil alot everyday . But i use with care. I dont put all kind of oil directly on skin.  And for inhalation normally i will use peppermint and eucalyptus and lavender. SOme other oil is good if u dont do deep inhalation and let it diffuse to the air naturally.

Tissue stick to fan or aircon. Or a few drops in a mug of boiling water (not for drinking) and let the steam diffuse ur room.


Mostly I use oil with carrier oil and massage hand and legs.



With this I hope u enjoy using bryanwellness oil. And remember every bottle of oil u use is full of good intention and effort. 

A bottle of Lavendula vera from Bulgaria, flowers collected at dawn to ensure the sweet smelling u deserve. And $30 only for 200 over drops. Think how precious it it:>



Writing this article is to thank all students for support for past 20 years and ur effort to buy the oil from bryanwellness.

But public responsibilities we also help out the poor and etc. In short no need elaborate.

 Welcome Just Be Happy Bryan Lao Shi

 For newbies u can read the Aromalife story at


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