Thursday, December 16, 2010

5000 years of History: Dont play play

During the ancient time, a TCM physician needs to study 4 main subjects. One of them is sort of personality development and fengshui to cultivate natural Qi in healing a person's health.

5000 years of History and still stand strong. I think fengshui is a science.

Early this year during my fengshui classes, I mentioned the Jupiter Star (Tai Sui) is a image of a saint holding a herbs, which symbolised illness may be cured and new herbs will be found to fight diseases such as cancer. I emphasized in with the image of the research.

Yesterday NEWS announced a piece of good news. Malaysia found a new herb that has the capablility to cure blood cancer. Yeah!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

Sori would appreciate it if you could download the news here as I had missed the news. Regret for any inconvenience caused as I know you are super buzy.


Anonymous said...

U can surf internet for yr info of curing Cancer with Chinese Herb at Malaysia.

If u have cancer in the form of a growing tumour, stop its growth by taking ginger and tumeric. These two herbs have been found by researchers at the Forest Research Insitute of Malaysia to completely stop the growth of cancer cells and tumour.

Thk u, Philip Lim for yr kind assistance to our Bryan Lao Shi. Have a Nice Wkday.

fm Ming Xiang