Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life == To much doing and very little "Being"

Life is about handling problems, handling people and handling situations..... 好累吗?

Worrying about illness can create more illness-- When you give your attention to something, your potential for attracting it, increases. The more vivid details, the more likely you are to attract it into your life. Therefore, for any negative emotion you feel while observing something, is your indication that you are negatively attracting.

To begin healing yourself:
Start handling our emotions now and give ourselves 5mins break daily. I find that many people attend all sorts of motivational classes such as positive thinking, how to make money, effective EQ... etc...But they are always back to square one in 1 week. WHY?

Many try all methods to cure their health problems but yet still recurring.
Worst health problems: Problem that is not deadly but chronic torturing you day and night.

Example: you just feel your neck pain will never go away!!!

Put down all your worries and whatever you are doing.
Just for 5 mins a day, make a cup of pu-er tea....www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com
Pu'er has zero caffeine and can rejuvenate your mind. Just 5mins a day for a week.
You can see your hives reduce, bodyache reduce and problems reduce...
Am I exaggerating?? NO!!!
If you can't even spare out 5 mins for yourself, try calling me and let me scold ok.

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