Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skin Deep

Since 2002, lots of brands start to promote skin whitening. Many people tried to have fast effect of whitening. However, the skin is back to normal, with some even experienced dull and yellowish skin after a week, and did not get the glow that all of us yearn for.

A good radiant skin starts of with a) Good Sleep, b) Healthy Diet (Acacia Honey once wake up) and c) Chemical Free Skincare products

Hydration is the first step towards reducing blemishes and having a radiant skin. If your skin is not hydrated, overused of whitening products may cause further damage.
Too much time spent in front of computers and phone radiation are also causes for dull skin.

A famous makeup artist once said, a lot of people have dull skin due to over exposure to computer. Hence, an
antioxidant mask is very important and applying a detox mask once a week is also very important.

Skin care products:

Good Cleanser, Facial Water, Serum and Moisturiser, and mask ( Detox and Hydration)

Beginner's Guide to Bryan's natural skin care is Bryan's anti-age set of
1) Antiage cleanser
2) Lavendula Vera flora water
3) Antiage serum
4) Marine Collagen Moisturiser
5) Ginseng Eye cream dap under eyes.

NB: Tea tree cleanser is more for acne and a lot of congestion in the skin.
Some like to use anti-age cleanser in the morning and tea tree cleanser at night.

After cleansing, apply Lavendula Vera flora water on skin. Followed by anti-age serum and a bit of marine collagen moisturiser. Thereafter, apply the eye cream.

A must to complete your facial routine:
Apply the following face acupressure with one minute for each acupressure point

Bai Hui is middle of the head: Give energy to the skin and prevents headaches.

Jaw side ( The point when you open mouth, it moves): Press this point daily to prevent sagging skin

Above point Fish Waist (Center of eye brow)and under the corner of eyes: For prevention of wrinkles around the eye, sagging eyes and lighten dark eye circles.

Use Face and Eye Hydrating Mask thrice a week:

Its a hydrating mask that hydrates the eye area and face. Giving the nuitrients that can be absorbed by skin to whiten and boost circulations.

Bryan's Tips: I perform the acupressure every night before I sleep. It helps to promote deep sleep and achieve better skin.

Beginners, product list is www.omhealth.com/bryanlist2.htm

To order, email to orders@omhealth.com All of my skincare does not have harmful harsh chemicals.

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