Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings and Reflection

Along my life, I came across all sorts of people ....both nice and not so nice people. I believe everyone has their good point...and deep inside each and everyone of us, there is a kind spot. I know sometimes those not so nice people can make you so angry that you feel like giving them a knock on their head right.? Hmmmmm

Perhaps a tight slap will wake them up?? Hahahhaaa... Just kidding. No No ok.

Ever wonder why are you always feeling unhappy? You may be very faithful in your religion...pray and pray and pray. However, if you do not understand the meaning of life, it will take ages to ripen your karma even if you chant a lot of Buddhist mantra.

Actually what governs our happiness and sadness are just these 8 conditions :
1) Gain and Loss
2) Honour and Disgrace
3) Praise and Blame
4) Pleasure and Pain
Isn't your life revolves around these?

Learn to Let go or view with an OPEN HEART, you will feel better. According to Confucius, if you can't change the situation, change your heart and attitude to adapt.

Whatever you are facing now, be it nasty colleagues, unfaithful husband, chronic illness. ... just quickly step out of it for 3 mins. Do a healing breathing exercise.....

Bryan's Self healing Breathing Exercise

Put both palms on your chest and perform deep breathing 3 times (breathe in deeply, breathe out and say " I LET GO" x 3 times. ). Thereafter, return to normal breathing and just close your eyes, with your hand still on your chest for 3 mins.
Give yourself 3 mins a day. Its not too much to ask from yourself right? Again, if you want to dwell in sadness, its up to you ......

I will take a BREAK for today and tomorrow. All courier will be done next Tuesday and email too. I apologised if I missed out any of your email or sms

Merry Xmas and May all Buddha surround you with love. Hmmm ...I mean Angels.... hahahhaa


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Bryan lao shi & family & all people around the world. Be happy & healthy always

Anonymous said...

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