Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Stomach

Given workshops in many areas, and spoken to more than 10000 people throughout the years. I know many people suffer from digestions, stomach problems, bloated or uncomfortable but a lot of people choose to ignore until cannot take it. Really hope you can make an effort to overcome and prevent stomach problems.

There are also many people who went for "scope" stomach and specialists but unable to find cure..tried western and Chinese TCM tried but no cure. Than come to me. So far I have many successful cases using my oil and stomach kwa sa. I think this is possible because you make an effort.

Stomach == Health === Nice skin === RadiaAlign Centrent Face.
If the "Qi" at stomach is good, your digestion will be good. Whatever you eat can be absorbed by your body, as your stomach "Qi" can convert all nutrients and distribute to whole body.

I have few Masters who imparted me using moxibustion and massage for stomach health. Hope you can come for "East meet West Kwa sa, fire cupping, moxibustion" class.
Bryan's Relaxation blend consists of one herb called 藿香 (the brown thing shown in the picture). It removes dampness in tummy and body, wakes up the mind, overcomes office cold hand and feet, dark eye circle due to poor circulations, chest tightness, sadness and depression.

Once a month, I will buy the powder from medical hall and eat for removing damp qi for maintenance of health. However, you should consult your doctor first whether you can eat.

Usages of Bryan's Relaxation Blend methods:

A) 4 drops into warm water, immerse foot in this warm water for 15mins to detox. During the foot bath, perform 6 3 6 breathing exercise 6 times.

B) One drop onto a piece of tissue, put in bag and the smell will last for 2 days. This is equivalent to ancient time where the royal prince or princess carry a scented pouch with them to protect health. You don't have to smell it the whole day, just once a day in office if you want.

C) 2 drops into some body lotion. Massage stomach clockwise 54 times before sleep. It ensures good sleep, good digestion and cure bloated stomach as time goes by.

Testimonial: A lady having 10 years of bloated stomach, now recover 20%. Really happy for her.

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