Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yeahh! I managed to clear all 300 emails. If you have emailed to me since last week but did not receive a reply from me, it means I could have missed out your email. I did a search outlook express, all emails cleared.... But I am worried during the period where I did a data migration, there might be a few emails which I missed out. Just in case, I might have missed out any of your emails, you can resend your email again.

HAIR PRODUCTS FROM THE $100 COMB SET TO SHAMPOO TO CONDITIONER MANY FEEDBACKS. New milestone reached. A very big Thank You to everyone. There are 2 clients who spent $5k on hair treatment in salon...mmm...they told me it doesn't work. They seen hair growth after trying my shampoo and comb method. Happy for them :)

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