Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weak lungs: Strengthen your lungs

This young chap tends to sleep late all the time, poor memory.... Cannot focus well on studies. After learning kwa sa.... excel now =)

There are so many many successful cases of using moxibustion, and hair dryer method to warm the upper back. It has helped many youngsters who have running nose and tends to sneeze a lot in the morning.

You can recover from sinus. One of my greatest testimonial of all came from a client of mine who had 20 years of sinus and is ok now.

Dos and Dont's for sinus
1) Don't eat fruits after 7pm, no milk during treatment period.
2) Warm upper back with 3 oil method.
3) Use hair dryer warm upper back for 2 mins every night.
4) Inhale lemon, eucalytpus and lavendula (from tissue) when you have sinus in the morning.

5) Drink barley+ fang feng 3 times a week.

6) Strengthen lungs by performing 4 7 8 breathing exercise daily.

Optional (for chronic power treatment) ;
1) Learn moxibustion and warm upper back
2) Perform fire cupping.

All students who have attended "East meet West Kwa Sa" class, have you been doing 4 points moxibustion once a month or has the moxibustion stick gone mouldy ...hmmm

Best Oil are : Lavendula vera (best since 1999 Bryan's brand), Eucalyptus radiata, Lemon.

When I first started on my journey towards natural therapy, people asked me for my credential... I don't know what is credential then... if there's anyone who asked me, I will encourage them to read up my blog.

Case Study: Lee works in Yamaha as a pianist. He has sinus problems and bloated stomach at the same time. Every morning, he will have serious running nose, keep on sneezing and has puffy eyes. On top of this, he experienced bloated stomach frequently.

In 2007 , he tried Bryan's 3 oil method to kwa sa upper back, followed by moxibustion. His sinus gone within 2 weeks and did not reoccur since then. He also drink the herbal tea I mentioned in this blog. (防风 10gram,barlet 50 gram).

Attention to all students who attended "East Meet West Kwa sa, moxibustion and fire cupping" class. These few weeks, the wind is piercing cold and can injure your qi. Do a simple 4 points moxibustion which you have learnt in class (special 4 points). It can help u and you may even feel immediate recovered from all tiredness.

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