Friday, February 18, 2011

Arrival of East India Sandalwood oil 5ml x 10. Check out
Only trees which are 30 years old can be harvest, and now is very rare.

Good quality sandal oil can attract a high price. As a cosmetic, it has moisturising, astringent, antiseptic, balancing and stimulating properties. It frequently features in products for the skin. Recommended for dry and aging skin, it can be blended with other plant-derived extracts in hair oils and body lotions.

Personally, sometimes I will blend one drop into 5ml rice bran oil to massage face once a week. This blend can be kept for 1 month.

My mum will rub one drop of sandalwood oil onto a wooden fan. The aroma can smell last one month. She likes to use this fan to fan herself at home

When sandalwood mixed with rose otto, it is known as rose attar, to rejuvenate sexual energy if it is rubbed two finger below navel massage.

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