Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Serum in Singapore

These two serum brings out many beautiful skin naturally since 2001. Besides are the serums I bought to do testing, from $350 to $400 a bottle. Bryan's serum is still the best =P
Herbs are complex plant materials which consist hundereds of phytochemicals therefore they have multi functional layers. A lot of skincare serum in the market cant produce herbal type because it need to be fresh to have its maximum properties.

Bryan's Serum is fresh and good. Both serum antiage serum and skin vita serum provide super anti oxidant which attune your skin to its natural state of balance. Free from harmful chemicals.

Antiage serum ($68): Hydrates skin deep within. Boost radiance. Increase cell turnover and boost skin tone. For all skin types and can be used day and night.

Skin Vita Serum ($45): Brighten skin from within, fight freckles and blemishes (a lady who works in CK Tang has a 2nd degree burn. She used my skin vita serum on scar after she fully recover. Her skin is now healed to skin color.)

Beginners: You can invest in antiage serum for brightening, You can use antiage serum during the day and skin vita serum at night.

2 serum at $113, which is really affordable compared to many other brands of serum. Best of all, they are much supported by testimonials from both genders.

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