Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cereal Part 2

Many who have started off with my cereal programme have better skin now. I believed in taking food than supplements. Now its time to have your cereal version 2.

You need instant cereal, a bottle of Wheatgerm a bottle (I bought from Raffles City, Market Place) and Goji Seed.
Bryan's method:
3 tablespoons of cereal, 1 tablespoon wheatgerm and 5 goji seeds into a small bowl. Pour in boiling water. Add acacia honey(optional) when it turns warm.
Eat even after your breakfast without fail daily. See what will happen to your dry skin and blemishes.
Bryan's Sunflower Slimming Oil (Not just for slimming but also improve digestion, toning and flatten stomach). Has arrived FRESH now.
Proven efficacy in reducing fat, removing cellulite and toning skin. Inhibits fat storage and eliminate existing toxic/ fat underneath the skin. Most effective on stomach and thigh areas. Best use in conjunction with kwa sa 50 times downwards daily. Amazing result.

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