Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bringing happiness to the elderly

I like to do hand reflexology for the elderly whenever I have the chance to volunteer at the nursing home. Feeling a bit ashamed of myself...because it was my first time to spoon feed the elderly folks yesterday...never have the chance to do it until yesterday. I felt a conflict of emotions because spending time with them was great. Although they are old but every words from these old folks could be wise advice, which never fail to make me reflect and be appreciative of life....
At the same time, I feel heartache because many of them were once like you and I...having proper jobs with stable income....they could be a teacher..principal or a normal working employee... but some of them fell sick with chronic or permanent illness...and now residing in the HOME.

We must really put in effort to take good care of our health by doing self acupressure, kwa sa... Health is very important. Its better to start now then to regret in future... Have you been doing 636 breathing exercise? Students from "East meet West kwa sa" class, have you been doing the four point acupressures?
New Comers:
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