Friday, March 11, 2011

Ah Ma Secret Recipes and Acupressure and Magnet Therapy

This will be my new permanent course as followed by East meet West Class.

I am preparing materials on acupressure points with proper research that has gone through tests and with my teachers who are really excellent advisors.....
Do come for this class.... and it will be as successful as East meet West Kwa sa class. Thank you.
Not forgetting there's also a new track of 15mins, Tea tasting demo and how to drink Chinese Gong Fu Tea in a very correct way..... by Bryan, disciple of 1980s famous tea tasting master.
9th July 2011. Register now via to avoid disappointment.
Ah Ma secret recipes class will be taught in a new way which my teacher had taught me. It will be very fun and you have no chance to asleep! Come and learn, pass down this ancient method to the next generation....... There are some secrets where only Ah Ma will tell you.... I am the grand godson of many Ah Mas, they just love to teach me..... hehhehehee

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