Friday, March 11, 2011

Barley Power

I brewed a tea for my family to drink this morning.

Fu Ling x 1: Empress Dowager skin beauty herbs and very good for calming
1/3 cup Chinese Barley
1/2 cup roasted Barley
Water (up to you). I use 1/2 pot. Boil for 30mins.

Drink when cool.

Benefits: Reduce water retention, purify skin. Strong blood purifier. Its anti inflammatory properties make it an ideal food to help fight rosacea symptoms. Trying to include more barley into your diet. Its not only good for your general health, but may also be a step closer to a clearer skin. Its great for immune system, helps detoxifies the body, giving you an increased energy boost.

I drink this 3 times a week. One cup one time is enough. Do not add sugar.

FAQ: Bryan, is it cooling?
Nope. I will highlight if its too cooling.

FAQ: Bryan, I drink barley for 3 times already but my skin is still not fair?
Oh gosh...

FAQ: Lao Shi, there's two types of barley. What should I buy?
Read my recipes again.

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