Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ah Ma Secret recipes: Open another New Class Are u coming?

19 March Ah Ma Secret recipes MBBT is FULL HOUSE.
Arising from overwhelming response, I decided to start another class on 9th July 2011. Register now via class@omhealth.com to avoid disappointment. New comers do come for "Health & Beauty with Bryan Part 1" on 4 Jun 2011.

Special "track" in Ah Ma workshop:

Therapy Magnet cost from $25 to $900 depending on brands . Good quality one is free for my students in Ah Ma secret recipes class. A total of 20 magnets to be given away. Medical magnet is useful and in strength from 450 Gauss to 10000 Gauss. ..... Use magnet to fight free radicals that caused aging and strengthen organs.

You don't have to spend $300 minimum for a magnet bracelet. Just come to this workshop.

The medical benefits of magnets have been touted since the days of ancient Greece, when Hippocrates reportedly used the magnetic rock lodestone to treat sterility. Ancient scientists theorize that magnets promote healing by stimulating blood flow to the affected area, bringing extra oxygen and nutrients while reducing toxins. Another hypothesis is that magnets create a field that alters how pain signals are sent along the nervous system.

First in Singapore to conduct a magnet therapy workshop combined with Ah Ma's recipes. Students can learn magnet therapy in 15mins. A good magnet and your willingness to learn is all that required. Magnet is not for sale and I am not a magnet seller...

1) How to reduce cancer and tumor occurances with natural therapy......
2) Kai He Qi Gong --- to balance Yin and Yang

Have it ever cross your mindr: Why our kids do not have strong immune system even though we gave them very expensive milk powder? Well, that's because you did feed your kids with Ah ma's minced meat porridge and sometimes Si shen porridge :P

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