Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEWS: Special Guest Invited AH MA CLASS

New Comers, do remember to register for "Beauty and Health with Bryan Part 1" on 4 Jun 2011.

"Beauty & Health with Bryan Part 1" was shared and well received in many places such as City Harvest Church, Buddhist Temple and Braddell MUIS MOSQUE etc. Its really a blessing to me for being able to share my knowledge with so many people...

Bryan will be away for 4 days to share Part ONE workshop in KL this Thursday at TechnoPArk. All orders will be attended to asap. I will not be able to reply all emails promptly. I will courier items tomorrow, only if you can send in order by today

On 19 March (FULL HOUSE) and 9 July Ah Ma secret recipe and Magnetic workshop. Dr Chow will be invited to share with you on powerful method to overcome insomnia and bloated stomach which may leads to many health problems. Welcome onboard.

Acupressure point notes and other herbal notes will be provided. Pease make an effort to copy down. You can bring a recorder if you want. Bring your own writing materials.
Upcoming classes:
1) 16 JULY - East Meet West Kwa sa, Moxibustion & fire cupping

2) 9 JULY - Ah Ma Secret Recipes and MBBT Magnet Therapy : TCM Doctor invited as special Guest

3) 4 JUN - "Health and Beauty with Bryan PART 1" ( A MUST FOR NEW COMERS)

Time: 10am --12pm
VENUE CSC 60 Tessensohn Road

All Venues will be at CSC. Will email the room number to you once confirmed.

Register via class@omhealth.com

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