Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bryan's beauty secret --- Roasted Barley tea

Two years ago, I discovered roasted barley tea in a Korean restaurant. I thought it was from Korea. It was pretty expensive...1 litre at $20. I found out subsequently it was actually from China, and you can get it from any chinese medical hall------called 熟薏仁。

It contains phosphorus and helps improve blood flow to your vital organs. It is caffeine free and contains ZERO calories. It is a natural detox, good for skin, protect the stomach, indigestion, whiten skin, remove damp energy, dampness bodyache.

Ingredients: Half cup of roasted barley, 30 gram (or few slices of) 山药 and
1.5 litre water.

Boil for 30mins. Drink when cool. You can add some honey if you want. Can drink 2 cups a day. Twice a week.


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