Monday, February 28, 2011

Bryan's sandalwood 30 years old 5ml $120 can order nbow

I can't explain how much how I feel for aged sandalwood. Hmmm... its going to be more and more expensive. Just grab a bottle and keep at home. Its worth it because it will last 10 years and longer. You only use once a blue moon.
Sandalwood oil is rare and expensive. The price is going up rapidly as the Indian government places tighter regulations on its production and export. If you find a Sandalwood that you truly like, buy enough to last you, and then use it sparingly. The oil will improve with age (unlike some other essential oils which degrade with age), and you will likely never be able to replace it.
Cheapest in town and sincerely come with a high quality fan. Why? Simply because to thank you for your support and to get people to experience the real good sandalwood. Since I do not have a shop space, I saved up on rental charges and this saving can be passed to my consumers :)
It can easily cost double for this good quality genuine oil when sold by others. Hey, this is not Australian sandalwood oil.
Investment: 5ml at $120, with a fan . I requested the master to make this fan.......Not to worry, the cost of making the fan is not included in the oil. My profit margin is very little but I am very excited and really want to get people to appreciate what is genuine sandalwood oil. Who knows I may receive a call from any one of you, 10 years later telling me how much you love this oil.
Latest research A FSM sell sandalwood oil at $400 ! Woww...
Bryan's new technology extraction: CO2 extraction method is a new technique for extracting essential oils (and other constituents) from plant materials. It does not use water or steam. Instead CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used as a solvent. The CO2 is used under high pressure in which it exhibits a likeness to both a gas and a liquid (called a supercritical state) (click here for more information of CO2 extraction). These qualities allow the aromatic constituents of Sandalwood to be extracted without heat. The CO2 is then removed from the resulting extract which is then refined and filtered. The oil produced from this method has a different look and feel, as well as an odor profile different from Sandalwood oil obtained by steam or hydro-distillation.
CO2 extracted Sandalwood oil is more viscous and darker in color (it is a beautiful golden color) than steam distilled Sandalwood oil. CO2 extracted Sandalwood oil is also more resinous and is deeper in the woody aroma characteristics. It is not as sweet smelling as the steamed distilled oil and is slightly less spicy.

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