Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bryan's Mist of Nature

Bryan's Mist of nature contains many helpful ingredients that:

soothes, moisturizes, relax or rejuvenate your face, natural and scientific in a bottle to slow down your aging process , which also indirectly reduce dark eye circles.

1) Some people may experience some biting feeling during the first two days. This is due to anti inflammation herbs and blood circulation ginseng extract. You won't feel it thereafter, and represents your skin is further repaired and skin will not be so thin. Especially those who did chemical peels or use very harsh products before.

How to use the spray?
1)About 6 inches away from face, close your eyes as you spray. 3 sprays and let the mist enveloped your face.
This hydrates the whole face and fight free radicals that is making your skin to age. It also helps to reduces the environmental pollution created from computers, lightings and dust.

How does it benefits you?
1) Constant hydration is needed for good skin. If you notice, many people with good skin use mist during lunch break and tea break.

Why choose Bryan's Mist of Nature?
2) First to blend in Levomenol, Ginseng, Aloe vera, Rose, Neroli and vitamin E, and its free from paraben

Is it true a not?
3) Hmmmm...tested used by Doctor, Bryan and my aunties before launched.

When to use?
4) Anytime, even after make up. You can buy a small empty bottle, pour into it and carry with you. Spray whenever you want =)

Yes. I also tried spraying every half hour for 6 hours. There's no skin irritation and the skin becomes really radiant. You don't have to do every half an hour. I am just testing out on my skin.

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