Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hmmm....I was given an opportunity with wow amount of $$$ to do a TV show as the spokesperson a health care and a skin care product. When I look at the ingredients......hmm...I decided not to...Bryan is not good at handling media publicity..... Well, its ok. Although this is a good opportunity for me, I am contented and its ok for me =)

Many people starts to enjoy the wonders of chemical free skincare.... Thank you.

Antiage set: Antiage Cleanser/Teatree cleanser, Antiage serum, Lavender Charcoal Water, Marine Collagen cream/Syneryg cream
Extra Tonic: Neroli Facial Oil (for face and hair), Skin Booster Gel Peptide
Mask: Pearl powder detox mask, Anti-age face and eye mask
Eye: Eye cream Ginseng
Hair: HairGrowth Shampoo, Cedarwood Herb Shampoo, Dandraff Shampoo, Hair tonic conditioner
Skin renewal: Antiage flora scrub
Body: Rose Milk Body Lotion, Amodora Shower Gel, Sunflower Slimming Oil
Aroma Oil: Fresh and special blend oil

Testimonial for Neroli and Lavender water :

Neroli oil is a blend of vitamin E and pure Neroli which nourish our skin. Apply a few drops onto your palm and dap to skin. See how it glows. Many testimonials from users in cold countries on how Neroli oil protects their skin when no other moisturiser is able to do so.

Thursday is Testimonial Day.
Lavendula Charcoal water is good for babies too. Many who have rashes uses it too. Best toner and it hydrates the skin after cleansing.

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