Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FM 972 with Bryan Lao Shi

Bryan's facial mist can be used in OFFICE to fight free radicals, environmental pollution and constantly hydrates the skin. Lavendula Vera flora water use at home. Trust me, you can see your skin very Shui Dang Dang in a week's time. I am so so amazed to see how my skin texture further improve... So it really works! Try spraying on your face after lunch, and at 3 pm. Closed your eyes and spray about 6 inches away. Spray like 3 times .

I will be back on FM 972 at 10am slot with Wendy Zeng Siao Yin as a guest speaker. Its another busy week for me.
Woke up 5am today to prepare the topic. No matter how busy I am, told myself I must make good use of the air time allocated to me to spread knowledge, so I must be really prepared and be responsible for what I shared.

(Oh! Items to be couriered on Friday will be couriered on Monday.
All emails will be replied on Saturday evening as I need to prepare workshop for Friday.)

Facial Mist endorsed by Dr Phua with feedback:
Many office workers found their skin more radiant in 5 days. This is because Ginseng, Levenol, aloe hydrates your skin during office hours and tea break. Try to spray twice while at work(maybe after lunch and at 3pm). You will be amazed with your skin after 3 days!

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