Friday, March 4, 2011

Launched -- Endorsed by Dr P

Hi!!! You have trusted me for year on serums. TRUST ME this time for this Antioxidant POWERFUL SPRAY. Use it and you will understand how I feel. Spray a few times on your face and you can feel it. It can also be used when you have your makeup on. SPRAY OF MIST LAUNCHED.
Courier services comes with purchases $80 and above. Email to

Enough of chemical spray? Enough of natural spray but lack of proper herbs? Enough of overpromised and overpriced overseas spray??? Its time to stand up for a GOOD FACIAL mist for office or travel use.

Bryan's facial mist Aura Nature: Transforms your skin at a cellular level improving your skin’s appearance and health resulting in a younger looking you. Healthy new cells reach the skin’s surface faster revealing smoother, better hydrated, and more evenly colored skin.

If your skin condition are experiencing:

- Dry, fine lines are beginning to deepen.
- Looks older than you are.
- No longer firm and elastic.
- Feels thinner and is showing "spider veins" on the face and chest. (over use of strong chemical xxx cream or water)
- You spent years enjoying the sun without protecting your skin.

A blend of technology and herbs and flowers ALL IN A BOTTLE: MIST of Nature

After 6 months of research :
1) Spent at least 8 hours working in office, do you think you have done enough for morning and night skincare?
2) Office pollution of computer radiation, fluorescent lamp, dust, anger of colleagues, phone radiation weaken your skin .
3) Airconditioning makes your skin dry. Your moisturiser won't last till 2pm.
4) Tired and fatigue skin, dull and looks fake

Hi-Tech Nature Facial MIST : $50 for 150ml, atomiser spray. Maintain surface hydration, keep pollutants and bacteria from gaining a foot-hold during the day. Mist keeps the skin moist and regulates normal function of the oil glands. 100% natural distillate waters of organic essential oils augmented with concentrated aloe vera, ginseng etc keeps your face in optimum conditon all day long.

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