Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Hokkien Hero --- A REAL Doctor

He is known as Bao Shen Da Di. Save thousands of life with his compassionate heart and usage of herbs. Many of us only know him as 保生大帝. However, if you do a proper research, he is a person who helped the poor, and very compassionate on healing . In China,there will be a big ceremony to commemorate him every year. A hero indeed.

Bao Sheng Da Di made his vow, he began his path towards enlightenment by helping the needy (who suffered from all kinds of sicknesses and sufferings). In-order to do his self-cultivation, he had to get rid of all greed in his mind, soul and physical appearance.
He put down all his cravings and maintained concentration on his self-training etc. He treated all needy as though they are his own parents (whenever they need help, he will be there to assist them). If only all doctors have this in mind...I wish one day all medical doctors will go through a lesson on Bao Sheng Da Di Healing Arts]. It is not religious. It is the philosphy of helping sickness. I was very touched by his good deeds and way of life after reading his works. It is no wonder he is being remembered till today and many temples has his statue to remind us.

This is nothing religious but a good news to be in your database....
I am now finding 保生大帝济世真经. I may go Taiwan this year to do a proper research. Once back with recipes, I will go through R & D by TCM and share with you. All his herb recipes can be found in the bamboo sticks.

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