Thursday, July 14, 2011

Relax =)

Most people (i.e. almost 95 % of all of us) are leading a stressful lifestyle, and working on jobs that require them to rack their brains all day long.

The outcome :
No energy at the end of the day, mental sluggishness, dilapidated bodies, greater susceptibility to germ and infections, wear-and-tear of the entire body, more work for the heart, irregular blood pressure, tensions in body and nerves etc.

Start to :
(Non religious: replace meditation with pilates breathing exercise, reading a inspiration book, write a note, replace incense with aromatherapy....... if you have any religion concern)

Don't get too stressed up with how to use your crystals in the Botanical Garden. The whole idea is to take a slow relaxing stroll in the garden, either by holding your crystals or simply wearing them. Holding your crystals means just simply holding it in your hand. Do breathing exercising as you surround yourself with the greenery. As simple as that :) There's really no official step by step rules and regulations for you to follow.
Why do I mention this? Because there are many emails asking me how to do a botanical walk with their crystals. Hahahaaaa......Relax and breathe....SMILE ^^

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