Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Blend of English, Chinese and Thai herbs: Vetiver, Citronella, lavender, rosewood, geranium, rosemary, PLAI.

After discussion with Professor who specialise in aromatherapy for more than 30 years. This secret blend and amount is nice to repell insects and ants too ahaha

The blends are powerful natural insecticides, killing and repelling fleas, mosquitoes, ants and other bugs in your home and garden without toxic chemicals.

A natural solution that can repel bugs while still maintaining a safe environment for children, allergy sufferers and pets.

A structural molecular that repel mosquitoes...
Insect Repellent: Full essential oil blend without being stingy in the ingredients.

A spray u will love: $28


Sand flies and mosquitoes are repelled and deterred by assorted essential oils and aromatherapy blends.  They can be sprayed or rubbed onto the skin to prevent being bitten, and can be used outdoors and/or indoors.  They are also safe to use on/with children.

By not using chemically-based, toxic poisons, we are not polluting the air that we breathe.  The therapeutic benefits of the essential oils and aromatherapy affect us positively on all levels – the body and soul, mind and spirit.

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