Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DetoxDamp Energy" Wind and damp"


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As long as you are in Singapore. We will suffer from damp energy attack. If ur stomach spleen is strong, u can remove this damp energy fast. If not u will feel

1) Tired
2) Bloated
3) Skin itch
4) Whole body fatigue
5) Slight nausea
6) Heavy feeling daily

Well, u can do the detox I shared that day. Or u can drink this detox tea damp energy.

Boil everything in water for 30mins. Add some dark sugar. Drink 2 cups in a day. One packet can make for 3 person. U drink once a week or when needed, cannot drink it cold or everyday.

For problem health one, u will fart non stop and smelly.

At night is a must :

Massage stomach with 3 oil with rice on stomach, neck shoulder and knee cap.

I will put 8 drops rice oil on palm and 2 drops peppermint , lavender and marjoram and " Gor" neck stomach knee and massage. Final one drop BRB on belly button.

For those who want slimming and no health problem: Massage stomach and legs with Sunflower Slimming oil: Helps remove water retention, fatcell size reduce and detox.

Acupressure to press:

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