Sunday, July 21, 2013


Past few months I was so busy with TV show and Magazines.

I am still the same Bryan, dont know how to PR type. But aiya I so Old liao, why must do things against my passion le?

So at last I am free now. ANd will start to update blog.

I find that my webpage is old liao le. DOing revamped now.

I find that, i have database of few thousand clients.... I need to send a newsletter to update all (with health recipes). Many no read blog le because they busy.

I find that, my skincare has alot higher demand le and I need to start ensuring users know how to use so all labelling will be revamped with ingredient list in it. (last time thought to safe the earth safe printing but now cannot le)

I find that, I have alot of things to share but why still many ask me how to use 3 oil method... , I think is because of poor information organisations in the blog or website? Hmmm I will think about it.

In the mean time: Relax first:>

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