Sunday, July 21, 2013

Omhealth Skincare Series

14 SEP 2013 Positive Affirmation Talk

Extra Track
i)10mins on skincare with Bryan for positive outlooks, using skincare correct with positive looks.
ii) Queen of Yoga teach positive affirmation yoga for enhancing energy of system.

I am planning alot fun workshop, some re run for you all, so stay tune with

It was such a wonderful experience when many share with me the great benefits of my chemical free skincare. But most important things to share with many on antiage techniques.

Traditional omhealth method is a combination of yoha, acupressure, herbal therapy and dietary regimens which reflect a true wellbeing. Is the main aim of my antiage method.

Upcoming Mandarin Workshop for New Beginners on aromatherapy music and acupressure: For those never attend part ONE before u can come now.

Date: 24th Nov 2013 :
Time 930 to 1230
National Library Possibilty Room
Register now ba: with name and mobile , $25 each 

Most Powerful Feedback

1) Antiage Serums and Magwhite Serums
2) Skin Booster Gel (massage until face absorb)

A lady told me her sister skin eczema recover with this Gel... I must research le, because this Gel is for antiaging;:> Amaze with this feedbacks.

3) Marine Collagen and Perfectionist Moisturiser
4) Organic Lavender water (Cotton method amaze all)

Do u know, U can apply a layer of marine collagen on your face and put lavender water cotton on it for 5mins.

Whitening: DO u know u can apply a layer of magwhite serum on ur face follow by lavender water cotton on face for 3 mins

Hydrating: Do u know u can apply face and eye mask and antiage serum on face follow by lavender water cotton for 3 mins.

Queen of Yoga imparting Power Yoga for beauty.

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