Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Up Purpose

For past 15 years I have been delivering health and beauty talks in many parts of Singapore.

Started off from Community Center to schools, offices.... Classes has grown  from 10 to hundreds.

And past 7 years , I seldom have small class anymore. Lately, I have decided to have small class to teach with focus.

I prefer students who have attended my workshop before past 10 years to come. Very newbies, u need to adapt my way of teaching ok:>

Is really a test of my limits because I woke up 5am daily and by 8pm need to rest le. So from now I am training my body too ahahha.....

There will be 5 meetup. Each Meet Up, I will throw in different topics and share with you the techniques.

It can be from Qi Gong , aromatherapy, acupressure, foodcure , Ayurvedic, TCM, Yoga or Breathing exercise, Music Therapy to Color therapy.

Meet-Up Dates:

1) 25th July FULL HOUSE
2) 31st July (Open for registration)
3) 8th August (National Day Special )

Those who come for 25th no need come for 31st July, instead u come for 8th August.
The stamp for 25th July and 31st July is call GREEN GROUP.  This time round, I let u register and pay in class. However if this system is being misused (not coming after register or last minute cancel). I will again start the pay first than can come policy.

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