Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet Up Success

MeetUp Date:

i) 25th July/ 31st July ( Left 5 seats) [ GREEN]
ii)8th August (FULL HOUSE) [ YELLOW ]

There will be a total of 5 meet ups topics throughout this year and next year.
Each Topic represent by 5 colors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White

Attend 5 different colors to get a cert from Bryan Lao Shi.

This concept of meet up talk is very marvellously new to many and all are so excited.
It was indeed a great evening.
For 7 years I have not given evening class, reason I sleep at 10am ahahah. But I am so glad.... that your keen to learn touches my heart and I will continue to share all I can.

I have recorded down all single one your health concern, subsequent talk I will mention remedies for your issues.  This group will progress together:>  For this group your next class is 8th August 2013 (thinking is it holiday, I may want to start at 6pm)

This class is perfect. AHhaha, oh because is my first time using this place... I was so into my teaching and forget to tell u all, tea u need to drink, u can ask de:> Yesterday many forget to drink tea and drink red bean soup ahahha:>

Many rush down from work and thank you. Remember to take some bread next time if not hungry la:>

Yesterday we touch on many topics, liver issues, exercises, fruits that is miracle for health, Chinese herbs, Power acupressure... And more.

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