Sunday, August 11, 2013

Iweekly and Bryan

I have written for Iweekly Magazine for more than 8 years...

And to me I need to thank them for believing and publishing my articles, even I was back then unknown to the market.

This Saturday 17 August Cathay Cineleisure... I will be doing a Half Hour Show for them sponsored by Shokubuzi.  Well  I am not their spokesman , so I will be teaching beauty and health care ehehhee using my methods.

The sponsors were thinking that place is a young crowd and wonder will people follow and listen to my acupressure.

Hmm.... When I was thrown with this question... I kinda... think...

Nevermind la, let me activate u all to help me be there and support me can?

I always help u all, so I request ur help to be there from 5pm to 530 pm, and when there is a segment on exercise do , with me 3 mins ok:>

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