Sunday, August 11, 2013

Skin Care and Health

Maintaining healthy skin is an important part of longevity, not just for a youthful look but because the skin is a very important organ of the body, responsible for many respiratory functions. Skin protect us from environmental changes , cold, hot, wind and diseases. Occasionally you meet someone who looks to be 25 but actually is 40. You wonder why?

Is it less sun exposure? Not necessary, because we sometimes people who dont go under SUN also get loose saggy skin.

Well it means 

A) Too much chemical SkinCare
B) Lung Meridians is blocked...
C) Strenuous Exercise after 30 may speed up aging process

A) Sometimes our mind play tricks on skincare... Me too, dont say u. I used to be affected by the advertisement and STARS endorsements on skincare... end up every bottle I invest seems over rated and paying for high level of advertisement fees and for something not worth the price.

To me in SKincare: Cleanser is extremely important, if it cleanse ur skin daily, u should invest an cleanser that dont have harsh chemical that injured ur skin. A daily flower water that u soak in cotton, compress ur face for 3 mins and use this cotton to gently wipe face and body. Follow by a high concentrate serum that free from chemicals that sink deep into ur skin. And a good moisturizer that heals ur skin.

Antiage Set is a good start for all of u at $210. Cleanser + Serum + Lavender water + Moisturiser (Marine Collagen, Synergy or Perfectionist)

But human beings are weird, we always have the concept of paying HIGH price on serums and cheaper one will suspect. Please, look at my skin using chemcial free for 15 years and some skin who use $400 serum for 5 years...

B) To be continues....................

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