Friday, August 9, 2013

Yellow Class Completed

Today class few health has improved.

And previously attend Green Class and who have do the liver Qi exercise has slept better and even a very nice lady recommended my frankincense and rose geranium for a cancer friend which enable her to have proper sleep. 

Class is important to understand, the definition of healthy doesnt just depends on physical. A person who are wheeledchair or bedridden can consider healthy too if they have the attitude to feel healthy and the mind is in state of " LET GO, FORGIVENESS"

This class YELLOW, u have learn few techniques to check ur solar plexus and also very powerful exercise for slimming and toning ur organs. ANd secret soup for prevention of stomach cancer etc.

I love this small class, which I know everyone of u and valuable feedbacks on health improvements which help yourself and help others.

No matter what, if I can encourage one person,empower one student to work hard to improve health and reach for his or her dreams and beyond, that’s greater than anything else I’ve ever had the privilege of doing.

These beautiful  class,are SO worth every late night lesson planning and endless bad hair days, may be some says I work and work no life. But to me is not just work, is passion and helping myself and you too.

Great work everyone. Is worth all the afford. Thanks for spending your Holiday with me.

GREEN CLASS 22nd August 
(Final evening class for this few months le).
U must come if u have sleep problems and headaches pain issues.
Heritage Center 630pm

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