Thursday, September 26, 2013

Parents and Us

As we get older.... our parents too....

But parents can be stubborn when u ask them to change their lifestyle for healthier version.

Not a easy task. But we must be patience yet not to be to harsh on ourselves....

Next time if u see my parents in workshop. They will say I niam King ask me move out faster ahahha.....

Errrr..... sometimes I will get mad ahahhaha. Example most common things, u tell them this is good, they don't listen, but when their friends tell them that is good they anyhow listen....


Elderly Oil: I am not trying to market my oil. U can get any good one from outside is ok;

According to my volunteer massage work:

1) Massage elderly legs and neck helps prevent a lot of health issues.

Namely for legs: Rice bran oil as base: Add rosemary, lavender, peppermint and marjoram.  No need premix, U just drip rice oil on palm (Agaraggar) than few drops the above on your palm and apply legs.

Rosemary once a week I put on tissue let parents inhale or rinse hair to prevent poor memory

2) Frankincense is a must. I daily niam my mom to use frankincense 2 drops massage chest and stomach. Prevent female illness.

3) Rose geranium I will ask mom to rinse body .

Type of oil for elderly: Rice Bran Oil (as a base, high in Vitamin E), frankincense A, Rose geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, peppermint.
Full set at $226, can use so so long. Now at $220.

Acupressure for Senior Bryan's method

After 16 years research this are some of points for senior.

Acupressure self-help classes are ideal for seniors. Learning simple methods of bringing comfort to one’s self and others is powerful for people of all ages, and profoundly empowering for the elderly. 

St 36: Three Mile Point

One of the most popular pressure points to treat depression is located on the front of the leg. Located four finger-widths below the kneecap and one inch outside of the shinbone, the three mile point is helpful at relieving fatigue and depression. This points works best after leg massage.
Press 3 mins daily to see results.

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